Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Day 154

You need:

  • your device
  • a pencil
  • a pen
  • your Notebook


Warm up: Google classroom
Homework is due Thursday - Topic 9 & 10 Review



Glue notes into your notebook (
you really should have one).
Follow the instructions on the notes for the classwork.

Class discussion

Create a Pattern Design Based on a Shape- due Thursday 5/4

Transition, Reflection, Rotation or Dilation
Trace your base shape
Cut the base shape out.
You are going to work on a 10"x10" paper.
First - create an 1" border
Then draw a grid
Trace your shape onto a paper.
Use a Reflection, Rotation, and translation around your paper and note what you did.
Color your shapes
A Project is finished will be graded on
Shape is recognizable
Translation, Reflection and Rotation is recognizable and noted on the paper
Coloring neat
variety of colors


 Topic 9 and 10 Review and POM