Thursday, November 10, 2016

Day 58

You need:

  • your device
  • a pencil
  • a pen
  • your homework: 3-2 Review
  • your Notebook
  • your student Companion


  1. Warm up: You can find the warm up PDF on Google Classroom
    1. Open the PDF with Doc Hub
    2. You will be doing all of your Warm-Ups on the Document.
    3. This Document will be turned in at the end of the Topic
    4. Click here to see the Warm-Up Questions
  2. Correct Homework: 3-2: Review
  3. Launch page 53
  4. Notes: 3-3:Exponents and Multiplication
    1. Multiplying Powers with the Same Base
    2. Power of a Power
    3. Power of a Product
  5. "Got it's" in Student Companion
  6. Close and Check
  7. Work Time: Either begin your homework or work on your POM


3-3 Exponents and Multiplication