Thursday, October 13, 2016

Day 37

You need:

  • your device
  • a pencil
  • a pen
  • Your homework
  • Your Notebook
  • Student Companion


Warm-Up Launch on pg. 31  15 min answer on Google Classroom!
Homework Questions? 10 min


Lesson 2-3: Solving Equations Using the Distributive PropertyWrite the title in your notebook and on the next available notebook page. 2 min
Write the focus question. 3 min
Focus Question: How can you model a problem with a equation that uses the distributive property?
Part 1:
  1. Intro- The Distributive Property 1min
  2. Example 5 min
  3. Got It 3 min
Part 2:
  1. Intro- You can solve an equation with a fraction in multiple ways 3 min
  2. Eample 5 min
  3. Got It 5min
Part 3:
  1. Cake Example 10 min
  2. Got It 5 min
Close and CheckAnswer the Close and Check in your Student Companion 3 min
Use the correction sheet to correct any problem you missed on the Topic 1 Test. 
  1. Rewrite the original problem
  2. Rework the problem correctly
  3. Explain your mistake
  4. Staple the page to your original work page


2-3: Solving Equations Using the Distributive Property